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We want to create a space for people whose lives are affected by dementia to meet one another, learn from one another, and to share their story. In doing so, we hope that a sense of hope and empowerment will be found.


On this blog, you can expect:

  • Stories from care partners who are caring for a loved one – lessons learned and hardships overcome

  • Encouragement and suggestions from professionals who are versed in self-care tools and strategies

  • Stories from care providers who are striving to deliver person centred care in formalized settings

  • Information from service providers who are working to make the journey easier for people who are affected by dementia

  • Information on important resources that can help in the delivery of care

  • Practical and creative ideas that can be easily implemented in care

September 18, 2019


Many of us would agree: Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life. This holds true, if not more so, in nursing homes and memory care facilities where the entire day revolves around eating.  Many residents begin their day with a health care worker hurryi...

September 11, 2019

Delirium is a commonly misdiagnosed condition that is usually caused by the presence of an acute illness causing cognitive impairment.  People often confuse delirium with dementia, while under the impression that only people with dementia can develop delirium, but this...

September 4, 2019

Disclaimer: Any and all elements of this post DO NOT prevent or treat the diagnosis of dementia. They are useful activities to incorporate into your daily regime to enhance cognitive wellbeing. 

Although there is no known cure for dementia, there are many preventat...

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Meet Ashley King and Daphne Noonan!


Ashley is a compassionate and driven individual who is a strong advocate for Person Centred and holistic approaches in the aging-care field.


Daphne is extremely passionate about working in the field of aging and more specifically in contributing to the process of enabling older adults to grow old with dignity and honor.

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