Continuing Education

Person Centred Universe offers a large variety of educational workshops tailored toward professionals seeking to improve their quality of person centred care. These workshops are perfect for professionals working within the aging community


All courses are online based and allow students to interact with the instructor through video, audio, and a “chat feature”. Technical and administrative support available upon request.


Want a workshop to be customized to your organization's individual needs? We've got you covered! 


Current Education Offered:  TO BE ANNOUNCED

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Customizable Workshop Topics:

Who Are You? - Providing Supportive Care

What you'll Learn:

  • The importance of understanding the person beyond their medical diagnosis.

  • Effective communication strategies for your clients, their families, and other staff.

  • Recognizing the importance of choice and it's role in supportive care while being aware of risk.



The Person is the First Priority

We will guide you through:

  • What is Person Centred care vs. person directed care?

  • How do we go about gathering the information of the individual.

  • What information is relevant information?

  • What does a truly Person Centred environment look like?


Teamwork for Quality Care

What you'll Learn:

  • Understanding your role on the team and the value you provide.

  • Discover your environment and it's perceived barriers to providing Person Centred care and what you can do about it.

  • Defining the strengths and capabilities of all your team members.


Breaking Bread - the Importance of the Dining Experience

We will guide you through:

  • What changes may occur with dementia that could affect an individual's ability to eat?

  • How can we make the mealtime experience more dementia friendly?

  • How important is food preference?


The Importance of Narrative in Care

We will guide you through:

  • What is Narrative Care?

  • Why is it important to gather the individual's stories to inform care?

  • What can a truly narrative environment look like?


Meaningful Engagement with Dementia

What you'll Learn:

  • What is meaningful engagement and how does it differ from activity?

  • How do we respond to the needs of our clients through meaningful engagement?

  • How we find out what's meaningful to each person.

Meet Ashley King and Daphne Noonan!


Ashley is a compassionate and driven individual who is a strong advocate for Person Centred and holistic approaches in the aging-care field.


Daphne is extremely passionate about working in the field of aging and more specifically in contributing to the process of enabling older adults to grow old with dignity and honor.

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