The Story of Us...

I remember it like it was yesterday, Daphne and I were driving to present in a class at a local university, when we began to think through a concept that Daphne had developed months before.  It was a name, and the concept of a business, Person Centred Universe, that started it all. Our vision is simple; we believe in a better world for those affected by dementia.  We believe that, when provided resources, and in supportive environments, it is possible to live well and live inclusively with this disease. That care providers, be it within formal healthcare settings or family care partners, have the unique opportunity to support those living with dementia on a journey, and when given resources and tools, a cohesive team can encourage quality of life for all involved. 


Since 2013, Person Centred Universe has been standing by the belief that quality person centred dementia care is attainable within healthcare when given access to education and resources that encourage collaboration and networking, that instills leadership, and that helps each person who's working with clients living with dementia to have empathy for the unique journey each person is going through and how they can live dignified lives when faced with this disease.  We have been certified by the University of Bradford in dementia care mapping, our cornerstone service, to identify quality of care for those living with dementia in formal care settings, and as well provide a variety of education and workshops to support quality care.  


It wasn't until 2017, when we were being approached organically from friends of family and individuals who were learning about who we are and what we do through our work in healthcare, that we recognized the need to provide support and resources to informal caregivers, and family care partners living near and far from their loved ones.  Utilizing many of the same principles we apply to healthcare providers, we developed the Dementia Journey Coaching concept, in which we provide support, navigation and essentially, coaching services.  We believe t