In a community like Fredericton we often take for granted how privileged we are to live in such a generous, considerate and friendly city, three traits that make up the definition of kindness. Simply walking downtown street you can't help but notice these small acts of kindness that our community is full of, whether it's someone holding holding the door for a stranger, someone nodding a hello or just giving a smile, kindness is all around us. This past week we were able to appreciate the kindness already happening in our city and to be inspired to create acts of kindness ourselves. 



We had the honour of participating in Fredericton Kindness Week from November 2nd to November 9th, an event presented by the Fredericton Community Foundation to celebrate kindness. They invited Fredericton businesses, non-profits and individuals to participate in acts of kindness and to simply share these acts on social media in celebration.  The results were truly wonderful to see!


We started Kindness Week by ending our own work week Friday afternoon at Graystone Brewing for their Kindness Week Kickoff Party. It was great to see fellow teams, businesses and individuals like ours getting together and getting excited about the week to come. It was easy to see kindness being spread at this event and the others to follow throughout the week. 




At Person Centred Universe we believe in a better world for those affected by dementia, and we couldn't think of a better way to achieve this than through acts of kindness. So we teamed up this past week to preform acts of kindness for people in our community, who are affected by dementia. We came up with a few different ways we can incorporate kindness into our daily lives that will positively affect this community. 


We spent the evening Sunday working together as a team to make meals and baked goods for caregivers in our community who we believe deserve a little kindness and compassion. People who are caring for someone with dementia are often just trying to ‘put one foot in front of the other’, therefore finding time for meal preparation and things like Christmas baking is often not a reality. This was not only a great bonding experience as a team, but for a relatively small amount of our time, it meant a few caregivers in our community were able to benefit as well. We often see the act of cooking meals for people done in times of need and hardship, but this is something that can easily be done on a day to day basis help out a family caregiver who may be busy and who could use a helping hand, even though they may not reach out to ask. 


On Monday we thought about bringing kindness into our long term care homes. With busy work and home schedules, not everyone is able to volunteer their time, but giving a small gift to a well deserving person living in a nursing home can make a big difference. We suggested mixing it up and donating a haircut! Everyone enjoys and deserves to look and feel their best, and a haircut or style can be something simple that can do just that! Due to financial constraints and the cost of living in Long Term Care, our older adults in New Brunswick who are living in care often have a minimal personal 'allowance' they receive each month - a mere $108! This covers things like cable TV or satellite, if you live in a rural home, telephone service, medications that aren't covered by medicare, outings haircuts and clothing. A simple way to make a huge impact for someone living in long term care is to call and donate the funds to pay for a haircut for a resident! There are many long term care homes in our community and others that would be gr