Give the Gift of Music

December 14, 2018


Want to Stimulate Wonderful Memories this Holiday?





'Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more - it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life. For them, music is not a luxury, but a necessity.’


           - Dr. Oliver Sacks





 Music has an incredible way of eliciting memories, it can bring someone back to a certain place and time in their life that they appreciate, and as well more sombre times that cause someone to pause and reflect on the music and the memories that are so vivid.   It happens to all of us, the song Wagon Wheel originally co-written by Bob Dylan, and later completed by Old Crow Medicine Show, was a song that instantly elicited warm and engaging memories for me.  It brings me back to the times I loved long summer nights and listening to amateur musicians settled around a campfire. Alternatively, music reminds you of people and places that don’t recall happy, fun memories, but rather memories that encourage someone to pause, and reflect on a loved one or instance that causes them emotion.  The song, The Old Rugged Cross and The Last Post are two songs that will cause a lump in my throat each and every single time I hear them.  Both causing me to reflect on experiences and very special people in my life that deserve recognition or remembrance.  I encourage you to sit back while listening to the radio, or your iPod, and reflect on some of the music that’s coming across your screen - what music makes you think twice, or brings you back in your mind to a certain place and time?  


You can still do that with your loved ones - the gift of the power of music!


Here, you’ll find step-by-step suggestions on how to provide your loved one with individualized music that suits their needs.  There are also many published studies on google that support personalized music as supportive for those living with dementia, and if you have a box of kleenex ready and are up for a good cry, give yourself a gift this Christmas and watch the documentary Alive Inside on Netflix.  Y