One Step Closer to Our Vision.

April 4, 2019

New partnership between Planetree International and Person Centred Universe to make waves in Person Centred dementia care across the globe.


Two leaders in Dementia Care and Person Centred Care come together to change the face of dementia care and those living in organizations.


April 1st, 2019  (Fredericton) - Person Centred Universe is pleased to announce that they have officially partnered with US-based Person Centred Care Certification organization, Planetree International.


Founded by patient Angie Thieriot in 1978, Planetree International is a mission-based not-for-profit organization who advances person centered care through their unique certification program. Planetree has partnered with over 700 healthcare organizations around the world that span across the continuum of care to transform how care is delivered. The Planetree approach emphasizes the quality of human interactions that occur within healthcare settings, the importance of connecting healthcare personnel to the purpose and meaning of their work, and practical strategies for engaging patients and family members as true partners in care.


Person Centred Universe, founded in 2013 by Ashley King and Daphne Noonan, is a New Brunswick-based company who exists to empower aging communities through education and mentoring, to strengthen person centred values in care. Both Co-founders have extensive backgrounds in the health care sector - more specifically, in long-term care and the field of aging and dementia. The company offers educational programs and services that help develop their clients and organizations to be positively equipped with the tools and resources necessary to provide quality care for those living with dementia.


From humble beginnings, Person Centred Universe has been providing services to New Brunswick and Atlantic customers through the years, and until 2017 when co-founders Daphne & Ashley attended the Be 4 Change Social Venture Accelerator offered through the Pond Deshpande Centre, it was intended that they would stay within the Atlantic regions to provide their services and education. 


“The New Brunswick business community has been instrumental in the development and mobilization of Person Centred Universe’s export development plan, and through that development and maturation of our business, we are well poised to partner with an inte