Fact or Myth: "There is a Cure for Dementia"

September 4, 2019

 Disclaimer: Any and all elements of this post DO NOT prevent or treat the diagnosis of dementia. They are useful activities to incorporate into your daily regime to enhance cognitive wellbeing. 


Although there is no known cure for dementia, there are many preventative measures an individual can take in order to lessen their chances of developing the disease, along with ways to live well after diagnosis.  Keeping the brain active is a key component. Learning new information, reading, picking up new hobbies and continuing to enjoy old ones can really enhance the brain functions and abilities. Keeping a sharp mind, following a well balanced diet and staying physically active is important at any age, greatly impacting the aging process and reducing the risk of developing dementia.



Activities to help reduce the risk of dementia:


  • Puzzles

  • Word search

  • Dancing

  • Reading 

  • Follow a nutritious diet

  • Exercise regularly

  • Engage in social activities 



Because Dementia is such a complex disease, with many possible causes, it has made finding a cure unsustainable at the moment but this just means that we must be creative when finding new ways to live successfully with Dementia. There are many resources available for both the person diagnosed with dementia, and their care team, that will aide in successful day-to-day living.  It’s important to remember that one will not lose their independence with diagnosis, and it may be months or years before total independence is lost so it is crucial that the individual carries on with normal daily activities as long as possible.