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In a DCM Process

Two mappers will visit your home prior to mapping day. An information session will be provided by the Dementia Care Mappers, who will provide you with relevant information and answer any questions staff may have. Mappers will, at that time, familiarize themselves with your home and gather any information they may need to perform their mapping session.

During the mapping session, the mappers will only sit in public areas of the care environment. The mappers will then observe and record information on the chosen participants over the course of a typical day.

At the end of the observational period the mappers analyze the results and provide a debriefing session for staff so that care can be developed.

During a DCM Evaluation

The observer (mapper) tracks up to 5 people with dementia (participants) over a representative time period. Mappers are generally in active mapping for one full day. Mappers are only to conduct mapping in common areas.

Mapping sessions are broken up into five minute intervals (time frame), of which the mappers observe and code participant's behavior, mood and relative engagement, and whether staff interaction has the potential to enhance or undermine the personhood of the participant.

Quality of Life

Is an important aspect of providing care for individuals living with dementia. Measuring quality of life, or for DCM purposes, well or ill-being, is a useful method to assess the quality of care being given to an individual. A person's neurological state, physical health, personality, social setting, and history are all contributory to person's well being.

With the use of Dementia Care Mapping, we are able to better understand and gather information and in turn, help to provide a relevant care plan.


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