Topics We Cover:

Recognizing Dementia

Learn more about the disease, how it's progression has impacted dementia care, and how the course will be able to help you provide better care for the person with dementia

Supporting Other Partners in Care

Explore the role of family, friends, and others, in the larger context of care. All those who share a meaningful relationship with the person living with dementia are key and equal players in the delivery of care and

easing the journey with the disease.

Me, Myself and the Team

We will focus on you and explore your role within a care team. We'll discuss barriers and overcoming challenges you may face in implementing what you've learned and fostering cultures that support person-centred care.

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The Person Comes First

Get an introduction to person-centred versus person-directed approaches to care. We'll delve a bit deeper into the complexities of the disease and explore the impact of relationships in the progression of the disease.

All Behavior Has Meaning

Explore the meanings behind recurring behaviors, which may indicate underlying needs or impairments. By understanding and recognizing, care providers can respond appropriately and effectively to the needs of the person with dementia.

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Supportive Care

Learn more about your role in promoting the autonomy of persons with dementia and emphasize the importance of engagement as a means to enhance the lived experience and relationships with those for whom you care.

Planning for Care

We'll focus on effective care planning, and give you an opportunity to apply what you've learned so far. This will give you a deeper understanding on the role of care planning in providing more meaningful approaches and care for persons with dementia.

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Meet Ashley King and Daphne Noonan!


Ashley is a compassionate and driven individual who is a strong advocate for Person Centred and holistic approaches in the aging-care field.


Daphne is extremely passionate about working in the field of aging and more specifically in contributing to the process of enabling older adults to grow old with dignity and honor.

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