The Magic of Christmas While Living With Dementia

With snow beginning to fall on the ground and the number of days until Christmas getting lower and lower, many of us turn our sights to Christmas shopping… While we make our lists, and we check them twice, sometimes it can be incredibly hard to decide exactly what would be a gift that excites the recipient, something they find useful and practical. The perfect something for the person who has everything.

Every year I find this challenging, should I buy a vacuum for my mother because she needs one? Or do I purchase the buttery-soft leather boots with the gorgeous gold buckle? Although the more practical gift would be a vacuum, considering my mother owns an Electrolux circa 1975, every year I purchase the boots, or the wool coat, or the concert tickets, because although practical purchases are important, a little something that I know she typically wouldn’t buy herself, and that I know she’d get much use of or enjoy is equally as important to me as a gift-giver.

This got us thinking – for years we have seen families struggling to decide on what to buy their loved one living with dementia for the holidays… do you purchase the necessary items again, for the fourth year in a row because you know anyone will always need socks and underwear? If you were to purchase a gift beyond the scope of the usual, practical gifts, what would even be relevant?

Here at Person Centred Universe, we’ve had the opportunity to connect with incredible businesses in our industry that encourage engagement, evoke independence, and create a sense of identity when you interact with these products. Products like True Doors, that help your loved one find their room among the corridor of intricately designed fantasy-like doors of their peers. Items like Coco Botanicals and The Sleep Kit can help your loved one engage with you or someone else when used. We’ll feature Janska Clothing, a US manufactured adaptable clothing company, will design the most incredible clothing for your loved one, one that makes them feel amazing with the luxurious fabrics and flattering cuts. Lastly, if you’re looking for a gift that’s both cost-effective and easily able to put together last-minute, we’ll feature a how-to blog that will provide you the step-by-step on how to use a photo album, any album, and turn it into a tool to engage and promote identity for your loved one.

We hope you enjoy these incredible products and features leading up to the holidays! Cozy up with a warm blanket, a cup of hot cocoa, and start your Christmas shopping with us!

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays!