Professional Development

Ensure your people, organization and culture deliver true person centred dementia care.

Whether you're just starting the journey towards person centred care or already heavily invested, our courses and consulting will help you to put your best foot forward.


Dementia: Understanding the Journey

48 hours

CA$ 875


8 Participants

Tried, tested, and continuously improved over 25-years, this multi-week certificate program is the benchmark course for professionals, covering all aspects of care and promoting personal leadership among home and long term care providers.

Suitable for: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s), Resident Attendants


Therapeutic Activity Professionals

180 hours

CA$ 2499


12 Participants

The total package for anyone wanting to become a champion of therapeutic care. Over six-months, 90 hours of learning to ensure a robust knowledgebase, augmented concurrently by a 90-hour field-experience practicum, mentored by a member of the leadership team.

Suitable for: Activity Directors


Seated Tai Chi: Awakening Stillness and Wellbeing

20 hours

CA$ 549


15 Participants

A unique continuing education course to train healthcare professionals in long-term care to guide seated tai chi sessions for people in their care.

Suitable for: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Activity Directors

Seated_Tai_Chi_-_Awakening_Stillness_and_Wellbeing_j5w8ia - Video Thumbnail.png

Pathways Series On Demand

510 hours

CA$ 0

100 Participants

The Pathways Series On Demand is for caregivers and care professionals who welcome help, and would like to improve your ability to manage your energy, motivation, and perspective— for your own wellbeing—and in order to better provide the quality care that you desire to achieve.

Suitable for: Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers

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